Sons of the American Revolution
Society in Switzerland
The Swiss Society was founded in 1973 by the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Shelby Collum Davis.
P.O. Box 459
CH - 1211 Geneva 19

Our objectives

 - To play an active role in the cultural, educational and social life of the country. For instance ; debates took place among the
four international schools in the Geneva area on topics relating to European/American affairs, such as the relationship
between the U.S. Constitution of 1787 and the Swiss Constitution of 1848.
- To preserve the history of our ancestors who helped to form the United States
    - To continue research about the American Revolutionary War.
-To cultivate the relationship amongst the descendants.
- To support genealogy, family history, and heritage programs.

Do you want to join the SAR in Switzerland ?

- The SAR has many members around the world.
- Some are U.S. citizens living in Switzerland, swiss citizens, or citizens of nations other than the USA but
living in Switzerland, whose ancestors aided the cause of U.S. independence.
- If you or a friend or relative are living in Switzerland are interested in SAR membership, see
the NSSAR site for information on the requirements for membership-
- Then contact the Secretary, Marie-Paule Theunissen, P.O. Box 459,
CH - 1211 Geneva 19, or :

Officers of the swiss society

- President : Hervé de Christen, at Pully VD
- Vice-président : Arnold de Christen, at Geneva GE
- Secretary : Marie-Paule Theunissen, at Geneva GE :
- Genealogist : Benoît de Diesbach Belleroche, at Fribourg FR : email


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